Customer Notification - Data Breach

Dear Friends,

My name is Penny Lane, I am a director and founder of The Perfect Cosmetics Company Pty Ltd. 

It has been brought to my attention that some customers have been impacted by a data breach that has seen these customers receive unsolicited marketing materials directing them to websites that are not controlled by me. Customers who purchased from these website have, in many instances, not received the products ordered.


What we know

As a result of recently increased customer service complaints to our call centre, we have become aware that some customers have purchased My Perfect Cosmetics products from these websites: 
and Those customers appear to have received email and sms marketing, offering products at steep discounts. In many instances, these customers have not received the products they ordered and attempts to contact those websites have gone unanswered.


Please do not purchase from these websites.


Only by purchasing through this website can we guarantee that products will be delivered to you and that our customer service team will be available to answer any questions your may have.


What to do if you have received marketing from these websites

If you continue to receive emails or text message from these websites please delete this correspondence.

If you purchase products through these websites we cannot be responsible for whether you will receive these products and/or their quality.


What to do if you have bought products via these websites

Any customers who have purchased from these websites and who have not received their products are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Seek a refund directly from these websites and request that they delete your data
  2. Contact your bank and request that any transactions involving these websites be cancelled and amounts refunded
  3. Email us at with details of your order, including the date and amount, and copies of your requests for your data to be deleted. Our dedicated team will ensure you receive the products that you ordered. That is my promise to you.

I would like to assure you that any order you place with us directly will always be dealt with promptly and with the highest levels of customer service by myself and my team. 

If any person receiving this letter would like further support or information please email us at or call us on 03 8362 1038. 


Thank you, 

Penny Lane