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    My Perfect Eyes is a clear under-eye enhancer, clinically proven to instantly erase the appearance of unwanted wrinkles and bags, revealing a fresher and younger looking you. Not only that, but it has been robustly proven to further tackle the appearance of puffiness and bags; all significant concerns that we just can’t escape, without taking more drastic, invasive and expensive action.

    It is our mission to help you feel empowered, through developing outstanding, best in class, results-driven anti-ageing products. Products just like My Perfect Eyes, designed to give you back the essence of your youth, even if you have mature skin. Manufactured to work in harmony with your own individual ageing journey, effortlessly and effectively delivering serious and impressive results that you will love.

    There’s little wonder that Marie Claire voted it their #1 eye wrinkle cream, with results that happen in under 60 seconds but that last for up to 8 hours. Our Best Selling performance anti-ageing cream has been designed to be entirely in tune with your hectic and demanding lifestyle.

    One simple application before you leave the house, for guaranteed and long lasting results. More than just a special occasion miracle under eye cream, this really is a daily must-have for women and men of all ages who prefer to do their growing old both gracefully and naturally.

    1. Give the bottle a firm shake to activate the formula and to remove any gritty texture that may have settled.
    2. Take the wand and swipe a small amount of my perfect eyes directly onto the back of your hand. remember that less is more with this serum, just a pea sized amount will be sufficient to transform both eyes.
    3. Starting at the inside corner of your eye, sweep outwards in a long, firm and smooth motion. Unlike your regular moisturising eye cream, don’t dab or tap the product. A sweeping motion is the most effective way to deliver the product where it is needed. You can take the product up to your lash line and feather down onto your cheek to capture all those fine lines and wrinkles.
    4. Look straight ahead and avoid any facial movement for 2-3 minutes or until the area is completely dry. This will ensure optimum results as the product sets, so stay still and if you feel like speeding up the process, you can gently fan the area.

    For those of you interested in the science behind this breakthrough product, it really is quite simple, even though the effects are revolutionary. It creates a delicate veil over the skin that flattens, not stretches out, imperfections. The results are quite staggering on under eye wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles. It has also been designed for use in conjunction with your favourite oil-free makeup base or tinted moisturiser so that you can create your very own flawless look.

    For eyes that look revitalized, smoothed and perfected

    • Instantly removes wrinkles, fine lines and eye bags
    • Delivers an immediate result that lasts up to 8 hours
    • Goes on clear and dries clear
    • Can be used in conjunction with your favourite oil free makeup
    • Tried, tested and true with clinical results

    Whether you’re male or female and have suffered from sun damage, have mature skin or are lacking in beauty sleep, our anti-ageing skincare line will tackle all your concerns. Recapture the vibrancy of your youth and put ageing firmly in its tracks with My Perfect Eyes. Not always suitable for highly sensitive skins.

    In a clinical study of My Perfect Eyes, after one application of the product:

    • 100% of people saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles immediately
    • 96% said it dramatically reduced the appearance of puffiness
    • 100% of people reported no irritation

    Trial conducted by Ozderm Skin Testing and Dermatology Studies, NSW, Australia
    Participants between ages of 39-71 years old – Study of 24 Caucasian women

    *Individual results may vary*

    Water, Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Iron Oxide (CI 77491)

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